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35+ Best Punjabi Status For Girl | Download special for girls

 Hello Guys, Welcome to the brand new post we have curated. In this post, we will be sharing some of the Best Punjabi Status for Girl Audience.

We have curated various moods like Attitude, Love, Sad, Happy, Funny, and others in this post. Feel free to download and use any of these on your social media. Also, tag us on Instagram @statusmafiainsta

What is a Status?

If We Have to Write Down an Academic Essay About What is a Status? We might write down some hilarious Explanations such as the one here:

"A Status is a Combination of Words, Visuals, Moving Imagery and Emotions Summed up to Target Others' Emotions, Their Behaviour.

 Status is used for various purposes such as Showing Attitude, To satisfy sadness, to blame someone, etc."

I know this is too hilarious but honestly, this is what we will be writing down in an exam.

Now Coming to the point, A Status is mostly a Video and sometimes an image, which is mostly 30 seconds long (video) either cut from music videos or movies. Sometimes we also create Status based on Shayari, Or Wordings we like, and attach them with music.

Why We Use Status?

As I have explained earlier, we use Status for Various reasons, refer to the question above. But let me explain a little deeper with examples.

Let's assume, you are a girl and you've recently started liking someone in your college. He's your Crush, you know him, have talked with him. But you are afraid to tell him that you like her. You are afraid that it may end your friendship too.

But you can't control your emotions, you can't control how you feel for him. In that case, you express your emotions through A Status Like Love Status for Crush or Love Status for Girl, etc.

Through this Status you have posted, you will express your emotions to one in particular but it also eliminates the risk of your friendship being broken.

If you are a boy, you may also search for Something like Punjabi Status on the girl to avoid letting her know. You can find those Punjabi status videos on our website as well. But in this post, we are only sharing Punjabi Status for girls, which are statuses for girls to post for their crush.

In simple words, these statuses are to target your male crush as we assume you are a girl.

Types of status on Status Mafia

At Status Mafia, You can find A lot of Categories dedicated to Specific Moods like Punjabi Love Status, Punjabi Sad Status, Punjabi Attitude Status, Punjabi Funny Status, and a Lot More. 

The Best Thing About Us is that we are dedicated to Punjabi Language content only, so we can be your One Stop Location for Punjabi Status to Download.

Here are the categories we are working on right now:

  • Punjabi Love Status
  • Punjabi Sad Status
  • Punjabi Attitude Status
  • Gurbani Status
  • Punjabi Religious Status
  • Punjabi Funny Status
  • Alone Status Punjabi
  • Breakup Punjabi Status
  • Yaar Beli Status
  • Friends Forever Status
  • Motivational Punjabi Status
  • Pubg Status
  • Bgmi Status
  • Heartbroken Status
  • Maa Status
  • Bapu Status
  • Bhai Behan Status
  • Punjabi Status for girl
  • Punjabi status for boy
  • Punjabi status for Maa
  • Punjabi Status for Crush
  • Punjabi Bewafa Status

We Are working on a lot more content categories but these are the main ones we are up to for now.

History of Status on Social Media Platforms

We believe that the History of Posting Status Dates back to around 2006-2007 with Facebook. Whatsapp status were introduced around 2009-2010, and these WhatsApp status were the most popular form of status in the last 5 years before TikTok came in and Instagram improvised stories.

Whatsapp status still are so much popular but has been taken over by Facebook and Instagram in very recent times.

Whatsapp status were first introduced as 1-minute length, then dropping it to 30 seconds and now 15 seconds.

Instagram stories have the same story and Facebook stories were launched After Instagram, if you may ask.

Why Punjabi Status Only?

We know you might get curious about why we chose to work on only Punjabi language Content, Punjabi Statuses to be precise. 

The first and foremost reason to choose the language is that I was born in Punjabi Region and my Mother's tongue is ਪੰਜਾਬੀ. So as a matter of pride and respect, we chose this particular language.

The second reason is that there's a lack of focus on this language on the internet, there are not many creators working around here. I feel there's not enough information about us and our culture. I couldn't be a Scholar to post on our culture Directly here, so that's why we chose the Punjabi Entertainment industry as our content focus.

So This is it for this post, feel free to download and use these Punjabi status videos we have posted for the girl audience. Peace out 🙏.