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Best Punjabi Status Collection to Download

 Hey There welcome to a brand new article we have curated especially for you. Yes you, i know you are looking for some cool and trendy Punjabi status based your moods.

I am gonna just let you download your most liked statuses in the easiest way possible, no popup ads and no intrusions in your experience.

So coming to the point, in this video we are going to discuss about the statuses we use in our daily lives on whatsapp, facebook, instagram, stories, reels etc. 

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So we were talking about status videos, oh yeah we all know these statuses are often referred as whatsapp status even when we will use them on insta stories. So without wasting my additional words and your time, let's get to the Main body of our topic.

What is a Status?

Here's a Scholar explanation that i would've given in a school exam lol. 'A status is a form of media or text that is posted on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram by us to either display our feelings, thoughts, support or even to remember God.

It was all started by WhatsApp platform when they introduced whatsapp Status feature on their app where people were able to share statuses upto one minute long in length. Later this feature was brought to instagram, facebook and even twitter and linkedin implemented it recently.

Whatsapp status was a big success for Meta formerly Facebook. It's simple feature combined with text messaging was simply a Jackpot for them. On instagram it was again a huge success but not as big as whatsapp.

We can post Videos, Photos, texts and even links today on our status wall, we have so much control on who can see it.

Even you are here today because you love to post punjabi whatsapp status or punjabi instagram status, aren't you?

Just few years back, we adapted with our languages to post status in and today, 94% of people upload daily status updates in their own language. What's you favourite language to post punjabi status in? Tell us in comments.

What is Punjabi Status? Why it's so popular?

Before we go further in details, please confirm that you have read the above Question and understand what is a Punjabi Status.

So considering you know about Status, Punjabi is a language widely spoken in Northern Region of India mostly in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu and Northern parts of Rajasthan.

So Punjabi status simply means the status that are in punjabi language. Popularity of Punjabi Status in love, attitude, sad, breakup and religious categories is mainly due to Punjabi songs which are best source of punjabi status for people to express their thoughts and feeling.

We have a Tonne of Punjabi Status categories under our platform including Punjabi status love, punjabi status attitude, punjabi status for whatsapp in any mood are also available. The best part is we do not serve annoying popups or multiple redirects to download. You simple click download and it starts downloading.

You know we as a Punjabi love 3 Things the most, First is ofcourse Bebe Bapu or Maa Papa, second is Yaari or Friendship Dosti but third one has different votes based on gender, even second one has slightly different opinions but we will consider 3rd only. Third thing is our Attitude, it's mainly popular in boys and men, Girls have boyfriend or love on 3rd even second place too.

To answer the second question about why Punjabi status are so popular, it's mainly due to Punjabi Music industry and second is Punjabi culture has that kick that everyone just love a lot. So let's now move on to a little important part here. Now we'll discuss Top categories in Punjabi Status industry.

What are Top Categories in Punjabi Status?

Punjabi Status industry is a very broad and big industry in terms of categories. Here's a quick list of popular Categories:

  1. Punjabi Status Love
  2. Punjabi Attitude Status
  3. Punjabi Sad Status
  4. Punjabi Romantic Status

Some Other Popular Categories are:

  1. Punjabi Religious Status
  2. Punjabi Girls Status
  3. Punjabi Boys Status
  4. Punjabi Swag Status
  5. Punjabi Status Maa
  6. Punjabi Status Bapu
  7. Punjabi Status Yaari
  8. Punjabi Status for Whatsapp
  9. Punjabi New Status
  10. Punjabi Song status
  11. Latest Punjabi status
  12. Punjabi Status facebook fb
  13. Punjabi Status instagram
  14. Waheguru punjabi status
  15. Shabad punjabi status
  16. Gurbani status punjabi
  17. Punjabi Pets Status

There are a lot of more categories available but these are the major categories in trend right now. 

Let's get to know these categories a little deeper and understand the difference.

Punjabi Love Status

What are Punjabi Status for Love?

Punjabi Love Status are statuses that help you express your love for someone special, either boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be husband or wife if you are married. 

So punjabi status love bird's favourite choice because this helps you express your love, before your crush too. Also remember there is a difference between punjabi love status and punjabi romantic status, which we'll talk in next points.

Punjabi Attitude Status

What are Punjabi Attitude Status?

Punjabi Attitude Status gives a different way to show your attitude. It is a long lasting trend which has become popular on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. People use this type of status to show their personality, their way of life and their high values.

Punjab has always been known for its Punjabi culture and language. From Bollywood movies to Punjabi music, there is no denying that it has become an integral part of the Indian society. And that includes the use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter where people can share their thoughts and feelings via captions like “Punjabi Attitude Status” or “Attitude Punjabi Status”.

So what is Punjabi Attitude Status? These types of statuses are used by people to show their high valued attitude to other people. There's no denying that we all have a habit of posting Punjabi Attitude Status on WhatsApp because we are boys.

Punjabi Sad Status

What are Punjabi Sad Status?

Punjabi Sad Status are a form of social media content that is used to express sadness or anger. We have been using Sad Status on the internet for generations now and have been integrating with popular social media networks such as whatsapp and Facebook.

Punjabi Sad Status can be found on numerous sites and on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and most importantly Whatsapp. The statuses typically contain some lines with lyrics from a Punjabi Sad status song.

Punjabi Sad Status is different from other languages because there are no words that can be translated as “sad” in Punjabi language. 

What are Punjabi Romantic Status?

Punjabi Romantic Status are Different from Punjabi love status because in Punjabi love status, we express our love to our crush or girlfriend. But in Punjabi Romantic Status, we commonly are flirting with someone, Romantic status are mainly used for flirting. 

The reason Punjabi Romantic Status have become so popular is because of the interaction they provide for us. We like to share them on social media and yeah our friends would message us to know more about for whom we have posted it. which some people think is a more personal and interactive way of sharing emotions than sending a message or making a post without any content.

More Deeper Explanation for these other categories is On the way. Stay Tuned till then.